The project involves 9 partners from four Member States (Germany, Greece, Italy and UK). This inter-related multinational cooperation between five participating SMEs and four Research Directorate Generals (RTDs) is deemed essential in order to implement the rising requirements caused by the European industry in the area of business collaboration and knowledge management. More specifically, it has been initiated as a result of the participating SMEs' need to manage their intellectual assets efficiently and effectively in order to be able to compete in the highly demanding European market.

The participating RTDs have proven knowledge in different but complementary areas which constitute the basis for the development and deployment of the OrganiK approach: qualitative data analysis and deductive interview processes expertise, knowledge on the impact of emerging social software on organisational settings, technological and theoretical KM framework design and deployment methodologies and semantic technologies employment capabilities in organisational knowledge management tools and processes.

In this respect, the expected business and scientific results of OrganiK are an excellent example of a successful academic collaboration withinn The European Research Area, with a problem-solving approach That is focused on SMEs.

RTD Performers

The University of Sheffield (UK) (Knowledge Management Group) focuses on qualitative research methods and deductive research processes with significant know-how on theoretical knowledge management framework development.

SEERC (GR) combines innovative research regarding the impact of emerging technologies of enterprise social software on the process of managing organisational knowledge, along with state of the art research capabilities on semantic web technologies.

ICCS (GR) has proven experience in both technological and theoretical state of the art aspects of knowledge management with emphasis on process-based KM methodologies and applications development.

DFKI (DE) specialises on innovative semantic web technologies, innovative components integration methodologies and competences on state of the art personalised collaborative applications


Language Technology Centre (UK), from the interpretation industry, is an important translation service providing SME

QMS-KCL group (GR) from the maritime consulting sector, specialises in safety and quality management, technical architecture and executive training of world-wide ship holding companies.

LeserAuskunft (DE) is a digital content provider and knowledge facilitator for world-wide subscribing clients.

Syria Informatica (IT), an Italy-based small knowledge-intensive company, focuses on IT consultations in the banking sectorand ICT services for SMEs.

CAS Software AG (DE)the Germany-based coordinator of the OrganiK project, specialises on CRM systems development with clients all over the European Union.

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