CAS Software AG

Wilhelm-Schickard-Strasse 10-12
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 - 9638-0

Project responsible: Mr. Bernhard Koelmel

"Well Informed. Always and Everywhere." This motto reflects the philosophy of CAS Software AG. The company was founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1986. CAS Software AG is the leading expert for customer relationship management (CRM) in the SME sector.
Furthermore, the complete supplier for customer and information management also develops tailor-made sales support systems for customers like DaimlerChrysler. Programs like the contact manager CAS Contact, the CRM system CAS genesisWorld and the intra/extra-net CAS teamWorks support small and midsize businesses in the establishment of profitable and long-term relationships. Company knowledge can be accessed anytime and employees work more efficiently. More than 100,000 users work with the products of CAS Software AG in their daily business. The products of CAS offer the basis for personalised and context-sensitive information management. Our daily business reveals increasing demand for integrated and interoperable solutions, as distributed business environments become more and more common practice. In parallel, several CAS partners spent a lot of efforts for integrating CAS products with other enterprise software (ERP, PPS). CAS Software maintains an elaborated partner model in order to address a wide variety of different customer needs and cover a large geographical area. In order to offer our customers high quality service CAS partners must fulfill important requirements before getting the genesisWorld certifications (more than 150 software houses all over Europe are developing integration solutions based on our tool). CAS has an excellent working relationship with various Universities and research centers, including the Universities of Karlsruhe, of Berlin, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Aachen, Bochum, Kaiserslautern, Jena and various Fraunhofer Institutes, ZGDV, FZI and large number of international research facilities etc.

Short profiles of staff
Dipl. Inform. Spiros Alexakis studied Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe and visited a post graduate course in Economics. After two years at SIEMENS he joined CAS Software in 1992 as a software engineer. In the following he became System Engineer and Project Manager. Since 1996 he is in the position of Director International Business Development, managing all international activities. He published a number of papers, mainly on software engineering and project management. Spiros has significant experience in leading of large, international projects.

Scope of CAS
CAS Software aims to deliver reliable and robust products to their distributor network, consisting of 150 integrators all over Europe. As a result, knowledge workers of the company posses a large variety of technical competences and skills, which are all combined in order to build and flawless CRM systems. The developers of the group engage in knowledge intensive tasks, which require ad hoc collaboration in order to share and combine their knowledge. Project development teams form in an on-going basis for the continuous optimisation of the company's product lines and the systemsí implementation in a timely manner. The company is using a self develoed central Intranet (CAS teamWorks) that serves the technical audience of programmers, application designers and architects who use it extensively on a daily basis. In software companies online support and documentation systems are central to their daily work. However, it is really cumbersome to make changes using this traditional documentation system, as a result very few people contribute content and help pages are not being updated as often as the company would have liked. For customer relations and project management functionalities, the company is using their own commercial CRM system (CAS genesisWorld)