Quality Maritime Services
Member of K. C. LYRINTZIS Group of Companies

26 Akti Poseidonos
185 31 Piraeus
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The K. C. LYRINTZIS Group is based in Athens, Greece, and consists of a group of small consulting firms, providing a portfolio of services to the Greek and international maritime industry. The group offers a broad spectrum of services including technical assistance, maritime consulting and maritime training. Technical services include naval architecture and marine engineering studies, monitoring of ship repairs, emergency response services in relation to damage stability, preparation of IMO manuals and plans, survey of vessels and issuance of statutory certificates, and ship condition surveys. Consultancy services include design and development of Safety Management Systems, Ship Security Plans, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, reviewing and modification of Management System documentation, and conduction of internal audits. Training services include conduction of in-house and onboard training, drills, and seminars, STCW 95 courses for deck and engineer officers, seminars on the implementation and auditing of Management Systems, courses on Bridge and Engine Room resource management, educational seminars on technical, operational and managerial subjects and on other regulatory requirements.

More specifically the group includes the following SMEs:

  • Quality Maritime Services (QMS) S.A., is a consulting SME established in 1998 and has 27 employees. QMS provides consultation and assistance to client companies in the design, development, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of their safety, security, quality and environmental management systems.
  • Christou Associates S.A is a marine engineering micro firm, formed in 1995 with 12 employees. Christou Associates provides shipbrokers, ship-owners and marine operators with technical assistance in all phases of marine architecture, vessel surveying services and technical consultation according to international maritime and technical regulations.
  • QMS Maritime Training Centre Ltd is a technical training SME established in 1999 with 19 employees. QMS Maritime Training Centre offers specialised maritime training and continuous education programs for the marine commercial and management sector as a private educational institution.
The group of companies witnesses not only significant business growth, a phenomenon of the shipping consulting sector, but also heavily increased competition from international competitors.

Short profiles of staff
Mrs. Katherine Lyrintzis BA, MSc, MBA came to the organization with an impressive portfolio of academic achievements and has joined the QMS team in helping the KCL Group to grow beyond its current status. With a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Greek Philology, a Master of Science in International Shipping and an MBA, she is well versed in various languages and academic disciplines to promote the business scope of the group, both locally and internationally. For the past years of her tenure, she serves as Executive Director of the organization.

Scope of QMS-KCL
KLC group needs to be able to offer an integrated value chain of services to its customers in subjects varying from technical architecture of marine shipping, to consulting of safety and legal regulations, to managerial maritime training. As a result, all participating SMEs in the KCL group share the same customer base and function like different and complementary Business Units. The knowledge workers of the group possess a broad variety of competences (technical architecture, legal and quality requirements, training skills, etc). In each project, the consultants of the group engage in knowledge intensive tasks requiring ad hoc collaboration in order to share and combine their knowledge to offer the necessary services to the customer. Project teams form in an informal manner under the coordination of the account manager, each time a customer has a specific request, or the consultants observe a new need for a client (i.e. alternation of the legal requirements, the ISO standards, a new training seminar, etc). Each SME of the group has its own isolated intranet, while each knowledge worker mainly processes and stores associating documents (ISO documents, technical papers, technical drawings, training material, etc) into their own PC. While there is a CRM system in place that all employees of the different SMEs have access to, little information is stored and shared, since the knowledge workers lack the extra time to update this particular system. Finally, the different documents during the communication procedure of the knowledge-workers are exchanged by e-mail.