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Syria Informatica is a share capital company founded by a team of Managers who, after acquiring a wealth of experience in other consulting companies, decided to combine their specific knowledge and skills to set up a company capable of totally satisfying the client's needs. Syria Informatica works at the national and international level providing computer consultancy for large systems as well as the study and development of eBusiness solutions, integration of Outsourcing systems and services.
The company's mission is to supply computer services customized software and assistance. Syria Informatica starts by analysing the client's computer system in order to understand just how the company has developed. Understanding the Client's needs is transformed into a review of the existing computer system. Knowing the information distribution flows is fundamental in order to create a system which will constantly adapt itself to changes and growth of the organization.
Customer service to Syria Informatica means offering new ideas and anticipating the Client's needs to help him make all the right decisions; it also means stepping in quickly and competently at any moment to create a trusting relationship to his complete satisfaction. The Client has full control of the development of the project and is kept fully up to date so that he has complete understanding of works progress, costs and development times.
Computer projects are required to satisfy our Clients' specific requirements. At the heart of any project is a strict method of development which guarantees results by taking into consideration the company's potential for development, integration and correlation between the various activities. The common denominator is the versatility and quality of the software whose development makes use of highly professional resources constantly updated with the most innovative technologies and new methods of quality control. Systems Integration services include both the development and creation of complex Internet applications and they must also be integrated into the infrastructure of the existing computer systems. In this way it is possible to help the company processes to fully adapt to the needs of eBusiness. Systems Integration at Syria Informatica can be divided into the following areas:
  • Customer Relationship Management: the evolution of digital technology which Syria Informatica offers in this context deals with eCRM which involves an extension of traditional concepts in two directions: on the one hand we have the transition into the world of internet and wireless technology whilst on the other we have expansion by forming partnerships with partners, suppliers and clients;
  • Business Intelligence: Medium and large companies require support when it comes to "Decision Making". They must have rapidly accessible, synthetic information on marketing, client management, production trends and economic results. Syria Informatica offers Datawarehouse solutions on a turn-key basis in order to help companies receive assistance in acquiring knowledge of existing Systems;
  • Internet based management systems: the new frontier is now represented by the use of internet as a tool to create on-line connections with all the actors in the company: Management, Agencies, subsidiaries, brokers, subagents and Clients. Internet thus becomes the core business to create safe, reliable Management systems based on new scalable technologies.

Short profiles of staff
Raffaele Iaccarino, founder of Syria Informatica. He studied Informatic sciences from high school and two years at University of Pisa at Computer science address. He founded Infoworld S.r.l. in 1996 after several years of experience like IT consultant. His experiences on eLearning field are teaching and coordination learning project funded by European Community. He has been director of an educational company named Training Center Scarl in which he has been responsible of the learning activity.